St. Laserian's Trail

St. Columbanus, Myshall

Myshall has a strong connection to 11 St. Columbanus who, according to his biographer, was born in Leinster and spent his early years there. The border area between Counties Wexford and Carlow and the village of Myshall in particular, have long been believed to have nurtured the saint.
Tradition also holds that Columbanus was advised by [...]

St. John’s Church of Ireland Church

St. John’s Church of Ireland Church
On a clear day, the views from 15. St. John’s Churchof Ireland Church are magnificent, stretching across theverdant landscape of west Carlow as far as Kilkenny itself. Atthe end of a walled entrance avenue visitors are greeted witha small but well proportioned single cell stone church withthree bays and a handsome [...]

St. Laserian’s Cathedral

St. Laserian’s Cathedral
St. Laserian’s Trail covers the mid-Carlow area, featuring a number of sites of national significance including the medieval  Cathedral at Old Leighlin as well as the impressive Adelaide Memorial Church at Myshall. Enjoy discovering these ancient  sites, tucked away in green valleys or up high on open countryside surrounded by an expanse [...]

St. Patrick’s Church

St. Patrick’s Church
St. Patrick’s Church is an early nineteenth-century church built in theGothic-revival style. It has been described as a reduced version of Cobden’s CarlowCathedral and is regarded as one of the finest Gothic barn-type churches inIreland.The granite-built church dates from c. 1830 and has a T plan. The attractive,three–bay exterior has a large central [...]

The holy well

2. The holy well
The holy well which can be found 100 metres west of the church is dedicated to St. Molaise and features an early ringed cross said to denote the place where St. Laserian conversed with St. Finbar of Cork. Laserian, who was originally from Ulster, is celebrated for the Synod held in Leighlin in 630 at [...]

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