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13. Church and high cross.

On the borders of counties Carlow and Kilkenny you will find the ruins of a monastery founded here in the seventh century by St. Fiachra. The remains consist of a twelfth-century Romanesque church and a high cross. The worn heads above the doorway are said to represent a meeting between St. Moling and St. Fiachra. The doorway has been tampered with over the years but it retains its attractive proportions and decorative style.

Ullard Church

Ullard Church

An interesting feature is the vault under the chancel, which was necessary to keep the chancel on the same level as the nave, as the church is built on the slope of a hill. The north wall of the chancel was widened in the fifteenth century and a staircase built into the thickness of the wall.

Behind the church, a handball court has been built and at the corner of this stands a granite high cross with much-eroded but still recognisable carving. On the cross head is the crucifixion flanked by David playing the harp on the left and the sacrifice of Issac on the right.  On the cross shaft are Adam and Eve and six apostles.

Open: Daily, daylight hours

Admission: Free

Parking: Yes

Romanesque: Style of early medieval architecture characterised by round arches. Sometimes called “Norman”.

Chancel: The eastern part of a church, usually where the main altar is situated.

Nave: The main aisle of a church, occupied by the congregation.

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